LETTER: How much more are we expected to pay for our NHS?

If you think about it, NHS tourists are robbing us.

Thursday, 17th May 2018, 9:49 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:26 am

I know of one lady who flew over here from an African country, lived with her daughter for a period of time, got a hip replacement and social services support, then flew back to her home in Africa.

She could afford the flight, yet contributed nothing to our NHS and public services, yet it cost us local taxpayers thousands of pounds. It also meant a British taxpayer went on a longer waiting list for their operation. This is common and immoral in my opinion, and should be regulated by border control or something similar. But of course these services have been cut back to the bone, also.

When UK citizens go abroad we have to pay for private medical insurance and do not expect other countries’ residents to pay for our treatment from their tax payments. Surely this is a fair way of operating?

It is with regret I am unable to attend the Worthing Question Time, as I would love to ask: “When will the Tories stop using austerity measures as an excuse to strangle and outsource/externalize (or whatever other words they are using to cover up privatisation) our great British NHS and public services?” It really upsets me and I do not understand why our citizens appear to care so little for our heritage, culture, environment and nation, and struggle to actually care for Britain and its citizens.

We really do need to act now before we regret the long-term outcome of compliancy and apathy.


Cambridge Road, Worthing

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