LETTER: How things used to be

I am writing to say what others must be thinking: how can Arun District Council afford a pay rise to chief executive Nigel Lynn?

Thursday, 14th December 2017, 5:00 am

When we are all told about cutbacks, no money for the NHS, no money to keep our streets clean, etc., it does not make sense to me.

I worked in Littlehampton Hospital from 1979 to 1987, eight years. I will always remember the love and care that was given to the elderly people there.

It was pulled down and we all know it will never be built again, as the money went to other hospitals.

When I came to live in Littlehampton, over 46 years ago, it was full of shops and had an indoor market every Friday and Saturday. What great days they were.

Now all we have is take-aways, charity shops and estate agents. And now we are losing the old favourite Natwest. What a shame that is for the town.

A lot of money has been wasted in the last few years. First, the long seat along the front and the so-called sheds – kids think they are climbing frames.

I saw a young girl fall and hurt her back one Sunday morning. There are no big notices up.

Plus, there is no shelter from the wind in the winter. What a waste of money.

Peggy Brassett

Granville Road