LETTER: School run issue solution?

The situation at the afternoon '˜school run' time in Old Salts Farm Road, Lancing, between its junction with Freshbrook Road and Willowbrook Park, is that parents' cars picking up from Seaside Primary School park in an unbroken line on the east side, completely closing 350 metres or so of road down to single lane in such a way as priority, as defined in the Highway Code, is given to vehicles travelling from the Brighton Road direction.

Thursday, 3rd May 2018, 2:09 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:33 am

Whether or not there are any vehicles coming that way is not apparent until any driver travelling in the opposite direction is well committed, blind, into the bend, and such drivers are obliged to back up, sometimes for a considerable distance.

The result of this is that the Compass number 16 bus, leaving Lancing Post Office at 15.40, has been rerouted down South Street onto the seafront, then east along Brighton Road before rejoining its route at the sea end of Old Salts Farm Road.

The effect of this is that five bus stops are now bypassed, including those serving Amberley Court and the pedestrian entrance to Willowbrook Park.

As both these stops are mainly used by elderly persons, frequently reliant on walking aids this is proving a real problem as the number 16 only runs hourly.

Another example of the thoughtlessness of parents who insist on driving their little angels to and from school.

Solution? There is a redundant area of playing field at the school where a short-term pick-up car lane could be built, entry opposite the Willowbrook bus stop and discharging into Freshbrook Road opposite Stable View with double yellow lines laid on the offending bend. No chance!

Allan Neil

Freshbrook Road, Lancing

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