LETTER: Some important matters raised

Your article on traffic gridlock raises a number of important matters.

Thursday, 30th November 2017, 10:11 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:58 am

First, I agree that the High Street needs to be remodelled to improve traffic flows.

A plan has been drawn up to remodel the High Street years before my time as county councillor but has not been delivered to date. I will be discussing this matter with the county council in order to get this delivered as quickly as possible.

Secondly, all new developments are assessed for their impact on traffic both during construction and once occupied. This has been completed for the old Parcelforce site and I have not received to date any suggestions as to how traffic can be better managed or complaints about the construction work’s impact on traffic. So, it would appear that developments can be constructed with acceptable impact on traffic.

Thirdly, councillor Loader demands in your pages a ‘major review’ of all roadworks on the A259 and A27. I would be delighted to receive her proposed terms of reference for a review for the A259 and to identify what benefits may be achieved from such a review with county council officers.

As the A27 is managed by Highways England, she will need to identify specific issues and agree with that authority what review is required. I look forward to hearing of the results of that review.

Finally, as councillor Loader is aware, a sustainable transport strategy is being developed for Adur and meetings have been held with county councillors and interested parties to obtain their views.

Further consultation will be completed prior to being published and I intend to ensure that strategy is delivered as effectively as possible. Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing Councillor Loader out and about on sustainable transport when I cycle around Adur.

Your readers are very welcome to contact me on [email protected] if they have any ideas as to how better manage road works or any other suggestions about traffic management.

Councillor Kevin Boram

Shoreham South Division,

West Sussex County Council,

Upper Shoreham Road,