LETTER: '˜Talk to the people, listen...'

Whilst the successful electoral candidates ought to be congratulated on their victories in the recent local elections, it could be said that their triumphs are hollow in the face of the voter turnout figure.

Thursday, 17th May 2018, 10:32 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:29 am

There should be more plain speaking in local politics.

The approach to voter engagement should be simple and direct. Talk to the people, listen to their views and make appropriate changes based on those views.

Everyone in the community should feel like they have a voice which has been heard and recognised by their representative in local government, whether it represents the majority view or not. This publication is beset with regular letters about woeful train ‘services’, pot holes which are damaging our vehicles and making our streets look shabby, dog mess which is not responsibly dealt with, antisocial behaviour and lack of community investment.

Councillors, if you want to increase your share of the votes take positive and robust action on these issues and be sure to provide firm proof to your constituency of the improvements made. Voters will be attracted to a local government which delivers on its promises to the town.

Mr M. Dalton-Placzek

Goldsmith Road, Worthing

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