LETTER: Why remove seafront shelter?

What a good idea to have toilets for the public to use, and what a sad idea to demolish the only sensible shelter along our length of seafront ('˜Support grows for seafront café and water sports plans', Littlehampton Gazette, November 30).

Thursday, 14th December 2017, 5:00 am

Cannot anyone on our council envisage an old couple who have come here in a coach feeling a little tired and wanting to shelter from the wind or a shower, or maybe both, and finding they cannot because the shelters have been demolished.

Jamie Hawkins is said to want to knock down the shelter, which is a practical, needed building, of use to the visitors and locals who need it, summer and winter.

This town boasts of its delights for the visitors, so why remove one?

P.W. Watson

Sussex Street