Litter is making a '˜horrible mess' of community

I have written to the paper before about the problem of litter in Wick and would now like to welcome you to the green and pleasant land that is Lyminster. Except that it isn't.

Thursday, 19th July 2018, 11:47 am
Updated Thursday, 19th July 2018, 11:48 am

Here is a picture of the litter I gathered up this morning from the roadside between the Wick level crossing and the Six Bells pub.

With the exception of a few items which have fallen off passing vehicles, people who live in our community have been responsible for chucking every single item in this heap into the hedge.

This cannot be right. Where is the pride in our community, where we all live young and old, children and adults?

David Farrer-Brown sent in this picture of litter he collected between the Wick level crossing and the Six Bells pub

We all live together in a beautiful part of the country yet our habit of littering is making a horrible mess of it.

Something which each one of us can do is to pick up the litter outside our own houses.

We can encourage our neighbours to do the same.

No one person should take responsibility for an entire community but I do feel that something very worthwhile can be achieved if we all do a little bit.

One plea to dog walkers: having gathered your dog’s faeces into a small plastic bag, please do not hang it on my or any one else’s fence. That is just gross.

You have the pleasure of owning a dog so please accept the responsibility, too.

Take it home with you and dispose of it yourself.

David Farrer-Brown

Lyminster Road



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