‘Selfish’ to want Worthing pop-up cycle lanes retained

In last week’s Herald Ray Chandler (Opinion, November 5) asked for realistic alternatives to cycle lanes, writes reader Chris Gould, of Georgia Avenue, Worthing

Wednesday, 11th November 2020, 1:51 pm
The Worthing cycle lane

My question is why an alternative to a perfectly good road system is needed?

If cyclists are too nervous to use the main roads they can use the quiet side roads. Anywhere in Worthing can be reached by using them.

I do for convenience as it is often the shortest distance. I, and other cyclists I know, also happily use the main roads.

I feel that the people wanting the cycle lanes are extremely selfish. They want more room at the expense and inconvenience of everyone else.

It can also cost lives through delays to emergency vehicles. It has been more than well demonstrated in Worthing that the lanes cause congestion.

Motorists use the side streets to avoid it, so the side streets become more busy. As for ‘the little inconvenience of sacrificing some on street parking space’, that means people have to drive for longer trying to find somewhere else to park. None of this reduces pollution, but just adds to it.