Simple changes to Littlehampton bus services could be beneficial for all

I was very sorry to hear the Compass No. 15 service is being withdrawn now the funding from the two new estates has come to an end.

Thursday, 28th March 2019, 12:08 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th March 2019, 12:11 pm

I am sure this service could be streamlined by coming to Kingley Gate just once an hour, dropping the Tesco stop as the No. 12 services that stop, and stopping at Anchor Springs just once an hour instead of twice within ten minutes!

The time saved by doing this could allow the bus to travel to a couple of stops with the Littlehampton area which would bring in more revenue.

The number 15 Littlehampton bus service will end on April 14. Picture: Littlehampton Town Council

I personally find this service very useful for visits to Littlehampton town and also for catching the No. 700 to Worthing, Rustington and Bognor.

Perhaps Compass could consider this?

Christine Dell

Kingley Gate, Littlehampton


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