Love Island 2019 contestant Amy Hart is Worthing through and through

Pardon the pun (come on, it’s me), but hand on heart I’ve never watched a single minute of ITV2’s Love Island.

Thursday, 30th May 2019, 11:46 am
Updated Thursday, 30th May 2019, 12:46 pm

Clearly that’s going to change now. As you will have read elsewhere in this newspaper, my daughter has got through the rigorous ITV audition process – of over 130,000 applicants – to make it to the villa in Majorca.

Amy has known she was going for several weeks but had signed a strict non-disclosure agreement with the TV company, which had it got out in advance of this weekend, she would have been off the show, pure and simple.

Amy Hart, 26, from Worthing, is set to appear on Love Island 2019. Picture: ITV

The Sun online broke it Friday night, and naturally Amy was worried but the producers, who have been superb throughout the whole process with the whole family, immediately alleviated her fears and off she went on Saturday.

Incidentally, as part of the contractual agreement they took her phone off her, something we’ve haven’t been able to do for over a decade!

There’s a touch of Marmite about everything in life, and Love Island is no exception. I was a little disappointed and upset by comments on social media on Saturday, which were taken down almost immediately. (Note to oneself, thicker skin required.)

I know that will come with the territory, like yesterday’s tabloid headline about Amy resigning from British Airways – well she had to, she had signed a contract with ITV.

And as for ‘boasting’ about meeting Piers Morgan on a flight back from the Caribbean, she merely stated that in her eight years with British Airways Mr Morgan and his three sons were some of the nicest people she had ever looked after, and even sent her a thank-you message via social media.

Ever since they were old enough to have dreams and aspirations, both Sue and I have never tried to hold back Amy and Sam when they’ve wanted to do something.

Hand on heart (again), she has gone on the show looking for love as her track record with boyfriends has been summed up on her promo video: “I’ve kissed that many frogs I’ve got a degree in Pond Life”. I hope the editing shows Amy to be the person many reading this already know and love.

She’s Worthing through and through – Thomas A Becket, Worthing High, Worthing College, Pizza Hut, Muldoons, Limings, Worthing Musical Comedy Society and finally BA.

Cliché time now: she is truly one of our own, so let’s all enjoy the experience...