MS ELLIOT: Come on everyone... this is a lovely place to live

I have been here for only a couple of months and I know it’s considered impolite to be rude about a place you’ve just arrived in.

But what is wrong with this place?

People put it down so much.

I’ve heard people laughing about how “backward” Worthing town is. Someone told me the townsfolk were “no oil painting” and another that change never happened because the local council was so stuck in its ways.

I’ve never heard a good word about the place.

People! We need to gather together:


I know I haven’t been here long, but it really is.

Yes we have the sun, the sea, the beach, the pier – you already know these things are great. But what about its other great attributes?

Fun parks, a safe, pedestranised city centre.

And what about the shops? How AMAZING are the shops in Worthing?

Now, I know I hear some of you moaning, there’s not enough of this shop, or not enough of that specialist – but really, I mean, really…

I think this town is great for shopping. It’s got department stores, high-street shops, its own fantastic arcade (with the heart-warming Munch café right at its centre).

I don’t think Worthing has one problem – except for this: a self-esteem problem.

As soon as you look around and realise how close we are to great national parks, National Trust houses, the beach, and – if you really must, then cities such as Brighton and London – you think, actually, this place is not that bad.

In fact, and a smile starts to dance around your lips, perhaps it’s actually, really, genuinely, fantastic.

Perhaps we should be proud!

We should be proud of the heritage of the place, of the great people who have lived here in the past – hey, of the great people who live here NOW!

It is an exciting time for Worthing – regenerating, changing the old for the new, challenging itself.

I hope young people here think that when they grow up they can help it develop in ways you and I can’t even imagine.

That’s what we need – a positive attitude. And some pride.

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I look forward to hearing from you.


Ms Elliot is a writer, traveller and creative type. Mother of one and a disastrous cook, she is a native Londoner but has lived in the South Pacific, South America, North America... and now Worthing. She will be sharing her experiences as she finds her feet in her new home in a new town. You can follow her on Twitter:@MsElliot1