Ms Elliot: Great place for holidays - and to live?

So, I’ll admit it. I am completely overwhelmed by packing.

I’m looking around this flat and everything is neatly stored in cupboards and bookshelves (well except my sons’ toys which pepper the landscape like an obstacle course) and I just can’t imagine putting everything I own in boxes.

All the things I cherish, and even strange objects that I’ve forgotten I own, have to be wrapped up, packed up, shipped off for the move from city to seaside.

Worthing is to be my new place of residence and the place my little boy comes to see as home.

What happens when you move to the place you visit for holidays? Will it be everything we wish for – sun, sea and fresh air? Friendly people and a slower pace of life?

Or will we get bored and lonely and long for the bright lights of London?

I realised what a city girl I was when I started to house hunt in Worthing. Walking down a quiet street between viewings with estate agents I got completely lost, panicked, and looked around for a black cab.

I couldn’t see one for miles and my heart started to race and my throat became hoarse. What if I never found a cab? What if I was lost forever – forever foraging for food and housing?

Car after car passed by in a hurry and I didn’t know what to do. But then, just then, I saw in the distance one large car approaching with a big TAXI sign on top. But it was all white!

I tried anyway – “Taxi”, I cried, with London confidence and a bit of New York edge. Thankfully he stopped and smiled as I jumped into his cab.

“Thank you so much. I am completely lost!’ I cried.

“Me, too,” he said, with what I’m beginning to learn is Sussex humour. “That’s how I feel most days. But I’ll do my best to help you.”

And with that we were off to the next viewing. Hoping that the next house, could be the new home.

Ms Elliot says: Can readers help? In your opinion, which part of Worthing and the surrounding area is the best place to live?’


Ms Elliot is a writer, traveller and creative type. Mother of one and a disastrous cook, she is a native Londoner but has lived in the South Pacific, South America, North America... and now Worthing. She will be sharing her experiences as she finds her feet in her new home in a new town. You can follow her on Twitter at @MsElliot1