Party bags are the bane of all children's parties

With the Hart youngsters knocking on 27 and 24, the days of children's parties are long gone. But for anyone reading this currently enjoying the experience, and for those with newborn babies who have it all to come, I certainly wish you well.

Thursday, 20th September 2018, 11:33 am
Updated Thursday, 20th September 2018, 12:33 pm
Ian Hart

The whole process over several years is something you will never forget, from cake designs, venues, themes, and that wonderful import from our friends across the pond, the party bag.

I’m not sure British history will be able to pinpoint the first UK children’s party which gave out party bags, but if they could I’m sure a large number of us would like to shake the parents warmly by the throat rather than the hand.

The cost wasn’t the issue, it was the prevention of repetition every year, meaning that you not only had to remember what you’d given out last year, but then had to come up with something different.

| Also in the news – the Met Office has issued a ‘yellow warning’ for wind; the former member of chart-topping 80s boy band Curiosity Killed the Cat has started work as a holistic therapist in Worthing after years spent living as a Buddhist monk in Thailand; and West Sussex NHS staff question first parking fees increase in a decade |

One friend, about 20 years ago, spent a couple of hours filling 18 party bags, and then put them in a black plastic bag ready for the next day’s festivities. I bet you can guess what happened... Cue an early morning return to Woollies in Broadwater to prepare another 18 bags.

As for themes, bowling has always been popular and you could never go wrong with a bouncy castle. If not that, Amazon Adventure and Fun Junction were always very good value.

And Worthing’s now got itself another option in the form of Laser Wars, which is situated right next to the Herald offices in Chatsworth Road.

With a near-5,000sqft maze and split-level arena which includes caves, a shooting tower, an ultraviolet tunnel with giant slide, a moon-effect flooring area, and state-of-the-art lock-and-load laser guns, it certainly has the potential to be a very popular attraction.

Having watched the promotional video, I’m even toying with the idea of throwing a 24th birthday party for Harty Junior next April.

And if you’re reading this and do get an invite, don’t expect a party bag!


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