PAUL O’BRIEN: Birdman brings a massive opportunity for sellers

Plans for the Worthing International Birdman event – which will be held on the weekend of August 15 and 16 – coming along very nicely.

There is already a full register of flyers for both days, all of whom will now be preparing to take flight from our historic pier.

We now turn to filling up the massive market that will stretch along the seafront promenade. With more than 25,000 people expected each day, this is a huge opportunity for sellers to come and set up at Worthing’s premier event with a guaranteed high footfall. Spaces are filling up fast, but if you would like one I would urge you to get on the Worthing Town Centre Initiative website.

If you have something to sell, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

On another note we hear of West Sussex County Council leader Louise Goldsmith calling for a devolution of powers to a more local level, with local councillor and Worthing Town Crier Bob Smytherman also having his say. This is something I think we should all fully get behind.

Mr Smytherman’s idea locally is to put our elected borough councillors on a full-time wage and remove some council officer roles, giving the people that we vote in much more powers to make a change for Worthing. Also, almost more importantly, it would allow us to vote them out if we felt they aren’t doing a good job for our area.

This would make those we elect truly accountable.

I personally would rather see someone I elected having a bigger say in where money is spent and it could make voting someone in become massively more important for Worthing.