Road improvements would be a good result from Lancing IKEA development

The New Monks Farm development plans are the ultimate '˜hot potato'.

Friday, 12th October 2018, 4:32 pm
Updated Friday, 12th October 2018, 5:34 pm

I can’t really pass comment on the IKEA aspect of the project, as I am to flat-pack furniture what Piers Morgan is to tact and diplomacy.

I can categorically say that if the Swedish retailers do open locally they won’t be receiving my patronage, and that’s not some grand gesture, I’m really not into those sort of things.

The new houses are a different matter.

Ian Hart

As a parent who has already had one youngster get on the property ladder, I know what a minefield it is for first time buyers, so if the new development includes a proportion of starter housing then that certainly is a positive.

Another potential positive could be the involvement of the Department of Transport.

|Also in the news - a drink-driver who killed a Worthing mother-of-two while she was on holiday in Cyprus has been jailed; the { for Brooklands Park’s regeneration} have divided opinion on social media; and a Goring man was arrested on suspicion of drink driving after a collision on the A27|

If consumers are going to visit the new store in significant numbers then, along with 400 new households, the existing A27 clearly won’t be able to cope with the increased traffic.

Travelling times in all walks of life have increased over the years and none more so than the ‘top road’.

We have more cars on the road than ever before, so if we’re going to find ourselves in a situation with significantly higher traffic volumes in a specific area then the transport department will surely have to do something?

Quite ironic that IKEA, a word that brings many of us out in cold sweat, could yet be the solution to one of the biggest local issues in decades.


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