ROTARY ROUND-UP: Rotary concert to support local charity

The Crescendo Rotary Choir
The Crescendo Rotary Choir

This week, Kim Woodley, from the Rotary Club of Worthing, gives an update on the latest and future goings-on.

Worthing Rotary club are delighted to be supported by ‘The Crescendo Rotary Choir’ who will be holding their next charity concert Our Lady of Sion School, in Gratwick Road, Worthing, on Saturday, June 27, at 7.30pm.

The event will support Enable Me, a locally-based charity which works in the community to raise disability awareness and provide high quality services that are designed and delivered by disabled persons.

The specific aim of this concert is to raise sufficient money to buy a mobile hoist to enable a single person to lift a disabled child or adult on to and off a toilet, or into and out of a bath or bed, thus avoiding a back or associated injury to the helper.

The choir will perform a programme entitled ‘Musica Obscura’ – a night of intrigue. All will be revealed on the night!

We will have three professional soloists, all of whom, in common with all professional performers in the past, will not receive a fee for their services.

The items are all wonderfully tuneful and we can promise you a very enjoyable evening.

The Crescendo Rotary Choir was the brain child of its director Mrs Alma Cronin, a locally-based and very talented musician and music teacher.

She had been thinking of forming a choir to give concerts to raise money for good causes and to give pleasure to audiences and choir members.

Through her friendship with a Rotarian, Alma was introduced to the Worthing Rotary Club who warmly welcomed her offer to form a choir to raise money for good causes supported by Rotary.

The choir was established in January 2007 and it has gone from strength with around 50 members at present, including a number of Rotarians.

We believe that ‘Crescendo’ is the only linked Rotary choir in the UK and the club is very proud of the quality of the choir’s performances in their twice yearly concerts.

The public have been very appreciative too, judging by their reactions, the feedback received and by the usual full houses at the concerts.

In recognition to her dedicated services to the choir and for the thousands of pounds raised through the concerts, Alma was made an honorary member of the Rotary Club of Worthing a few years ago.

She is a warm supporter of Rotary and its ideals.

Included in the charities that have received funding through the concerts are: Eyesee, a locally based international charity combating blindness in third world countries; Worthing Boys’ Club; Ferring Country Centre helping disabled people; Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice; Worthing Samaritans; Worthing Scope; ShelterBox; Worthing Hospital; and help for the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

We regard the cause we are supporting this summer as a very worthy one and we hope that you will join us on June 27.

Tickets, which are £8.50, are obtainable from members of the Crescendo Rotary Choir, members of the Rotary Club of Worthing, by telephoning 01903 239230 or 01903 746865, or by email:

Details of Worthing’s three Rotary clubs are:-

• Worthing Rotary Club meets Monday, 12.55pm, at the Chatsworth Hotel, in The Steyne, Worthing, 01903 262222.

• West Worthing Rotary Club meets Tuesday evening at Tudor Close, Ferring, 01903 535900.

• Worthing Steyne Rotary Club meets Monday evening at The Ardington Hotel, in Steyne Gardens, Worthing, 01903 234957.