ST BARNABAS: Saddened by the death of an amazing ambassador

Hugh Lowson with Lady Sarah Clutton
Hugh Lowson with Lady Sarah Clutton

We were all deeply saddened to learn of the death of Lady Sarah Clutton last week.

Lady Sarah became President of St Barnabas Hospices in 1996.

Since then she offered constant support and kindness to St Barnabas House, and to Chestnut Tree House.

Lady Sarah was an inspiration – totally dedicated to our charity. She was full of energy and was much loved by all who met her.

Lady Sarah took a very personal interest in our services and development in so many ways. She knew a large number of our patients, families and staff and was a personal friend to many.

Behind the scenes, she was a driving force for so much that has happened at both hospices over the years and I will be forever grateful to her for that.

I was lucky enough to spend lots of time with Lady Sarah over the years and I enjoyed her company immeasurably.

The reaction by staff and volunteers at St Barnabas House has been immense.

So many people have paused to talk about their memories of Lady Sarah and shared the ways in which they will remember her.

Lady Sarah was an amazing ambassador, constantly encouraging others to support the hospices as well as being an unstinting supporter herself.

• I’d just like to wish everyone taking part in Saturday’s Night to Remember good luck and huge thanks to the volunteers who will be helping on the night.