Technology made easy: iCloud

ON your Apple devices, iCloud serves as an online storage space, built into every new iOS device and Mac. You will never lose the data, music or photos stored here, as everything is online and backed up safely elsewhere, writes James Stoner, of JSPC Computer Services.

When you sign up to your iCloud account, you have 5GB of storage space for free. Beyond that, additional space costs from £14 per year. But there are ways to free up space instead.

First, consider if you have used your free iCloud storage ration to back up multiple devices.

Some Apple customers find they don’t have the storage space to back up both an iPad and iPhone, so could you choose just one device?

You may need to exercise a little manual control over what items you backup on iCloud – i.e., apps, documents and device backups.

Other features, such as calendars, contacts and even photo stream content don’t actually count against your iCloud storage.

To change your backup options, simply locate your ‘settings’ and click on the ‘iCloud’ option.

Once here, you can select the specific data you would like to back up, delete entire device backups from your iCloud storage and turn off backup for your iOS device altogether.

You can also delete old emails and documents from iCloud, which is especially handy for 
those emails which have large attachments.

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