TIM DREW: A belated welcome to the team, Jo...

JANUARY of this year saw the introduction to the Worthing Neighbourhod Policing Team of a new Partnership Support Sergeant, whose responsibility is to ensure that the Neighbourhood Policing Team will (while not working solely in relation to Neighbourhood Watch issues) strive to support and assist Neighbourhood Watch at local level in order to achieve its aims and objectives.

Worthing Neighbourhood Watch therefore cordially (if somewhat belatedly) welcomes Sergeant Jo Webb, who is already familiar with the tool kits available from Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network and Neighbourhood Watch “Start-up” guidance.

She will succeed Inspector Allan Lowe as police representative at future executive committee meetings, and we would like to take this opportunity to record our most grateful thanks to Allan for his commitment and support over the last four years.

You may remember that I mentioned last month that we are aiming at introducing Junior Neighbourhood Watch in Worthing. It has already been successful in Crawley and is aimed at preventing children from becoming the victims of crime and from becoming involved in it.

The project focuses on children in years five to six (ages 10-11) and takes place as a fun-based after-school “club” over five weeks (one hour per week, each hour spent on a different topic).

We have also been in contact with other voluntary organisations (such as “Albion in the Community”) with whom we hope to be able to work in partnership so as to empathise the more effectively with children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

To enable us to achieve this, we need a pool of volunteers, preferably experienced in working with children over a wide behavioural range.

If that sounds like you, then I would be delighted to hear from you – please contact me at tim@freeolamail.com

Lastly, PCSO Sally Haggis (Heene) will be available to discuss local issues outside Spar Stores, 68 Heene Road, on Wednesday, May 1, between 12-12.30pm.