TIM DREW: Be vigilant – another telephone scam has started

ANOTHER telephone scam is currently in progress, with one of our members having recently received a phone call, purporting to be from Sky TV, to say her viewing card would expire next week and needed to be replaced.

Having confirmed her name and address and asked for her date of birth for security, the caller said that, because a new viewing card was being issued, her bank details needed to be confirmed. Our member wisely refused to disclose these, and Sky’s customer services team has since confirmed they would never make such a call, because the viewing cards do not expire!

Meanwhile, the National Fraud Agency, and a number of other partners (including Facebook) have launched a new campaign, Be Cyber Streetwise, with the objective of improving the online safety behaviour of consumers and SMEs, as there are still many who are not doing enough to protect themselves. For example, only 44 per cent always install internet security software on new equipment, only 30 per cent habitually use complex passwords to protect online accounts and 57 per cent do not check that websites are secure before making a purchase.

This is a medium/long-term campaign, so you can help by raising awareness of its website, www.cyberstreetwise.com

The five key behaviours that it seeks to promote are: the use of strong, memorable passwords; the installation of anti-virus software on new devices; checking privacy settings on social media; shopping safely online – always ensuring to check online retail sites are secure and downloading software and the application of patches when prompted.

Do please visit the website, as you may well find something there to your advantage.

:: Two Neighbourhood Panel Meetings will take place this week– the Gaisford Neighbourhood Panel will meet at St Richard’s Church in Collingwood Road on Monday, February 3, between 7pm and 8pm, and the Castle Neighbourhood Panel between 7pm and 8pm at Northbrook College, in, Broadwater Road on Wednesday, February 5.