TIM DREW: Continuing to build safer communities

Tim Drew
Tim Drew

National Neighbourhood Watch week this year runs from Saturday, June 16 to Sunday, June 24 and its members are being asked how our movement continues to help build safer and stronger communities over the next three years and beyond.

Crime in England and Wales is changing and Neighbourhood Watch is providing new practical information and help for our members to support the police in its detection and reduction. With a network of 2.3 million member households, Neighbourhood Watch has the potential to be a formidable force in the fight against crime.

This summer, Neighbourhood Watch will create and develop a group of more than 100 Neighbourhood Watch champions from across England and Wales over six seminars, at which its new crime and vulnerability toolkits will be introduced. The champions will then be able to share their knowledge in their local area so even more people can get the important information they need and act as a resource to other coordinators and members. This may simply mean sharing the information contained within the toolkits, developing a focus on one or more of the areas or running a local project.

Knowing what to look for and reporting suspicions will be key to our role in crime reduction so, if you regularly see different people going into a nearby house or minibuses turning up, this may be a sign of human trafficking or cuckooing; similarly, if you are aware of elderly neighbours regularly getting people knocking on their door, they may well be being targeted for scams.

Anyone, whether member or coordinator, with an interest in acquiring additional knowledge and the chance to share this within their area with other members will be the perfect participants for the seminars.

The Tarring Community Forum will meet on Tuesday at West Tarring Baptist Church Centre, South Street, Tarring at 7pm.


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