TIM DREW: Crime is down since last report

THREE weekly community bulletins have been issued by the police since my last round-up, the latest of these at this time of writing being dated September 13.

In all, 52 offences were recorded – 18 fewer than in the previous three weeks - of which nine involved residential properties, and 21 non-residential ones; in addition, 22 crimes involving vehicles were noted, being one more than in the previous period.

Twelve of all the offences were recorded as having been committed in Central Ward, followed by Gaisford (nine), Heene (eight), Selden (five), Tarring, Salvington and Goring (four), Broadwater (three), Gaisford (eight), Marine (seven), Goring, Northbrook and Salvington (three), Castle, Castle (two) and Northbrook (one). No offences were recorded in Durrington, Marine or Offington.

As regards crimes against residential property, six cases involved forcible entry, windows being broken on two occasions.

Offences involving non-residential property involved 14 cases involving sheds and garages and twelve thefts of cycles (compared with thirteen and eight respectively for the preceding three weeks), four thefts of tools and two attempts at restaurant burglary, one of which succeeded.

Vehicle crimes included eleven incidents involving break-ins (one car and one motorcycle also being stolen), three thefts of wing mirrors and one each of an exhaust pipe and fog lights.

So, while it is pleasing to note that, overall, crime has dipped by over 25 per cent since my last report (and that two arrests for stealing bicycles took place) theft levels involving these and outbuildings remain relatively high and have increased.

You can reduce the chances of your bike being stolen by using a ‘Sold Secure’ D-lock; locking the bicycle through its frame; and securing it to an immovable object (such as a ‘bike anchor’) where it is being stored.

Just one surgery to report this week - PCSO Sally Haggis wil be available for a chat outside Spar Stores in Heene Road between 10-10.30am on Thursday, October 3.