TIM DREW: How and when to contact the police

Knowing how and when to contact Sussex Police is part of the force's commitment to keep communities safe and to bolster confidence.

Thursday, 3rd May 2018, 7:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 1:42 am
Tim Drew

Unfortunately some are still unaware of the many different ways to contact Sussex Police and when they should call 999 or 101. A perception also exists that police time would be wasted by calls.

The police have therefore posted two short animations on YouTube called ‘Do you know the different options available to contact Sussex Police?’ and ‘How to effectively call Sussex Police’ which show individuals sharing their experiences in choosing the most appropriate way to contact the police.

The animations are designed to remind everyone to consider beforehand the circumstances under which they might need the police so that their query, concern or crime report is dealt with by the right person first time around.

Sussex Police still receive 999 calls that are not emergencies but they also receive calls reporting crime via local district numbers, when the person calling should have dialled 999.

Misplaced calls could endanger life and prevents officers from going where they need to be to protect us.

The message from Sussex Police is to use 999 when danger is imminent, including visits by bogus tradesmen, 101 for a non-urgent response or if you witness a situation that you think may escalate. Problems such as noise nuisance are better discussed at local council level. Alternatively, if you do not need to speak to anyone, you can report online at your convenience.

The Tarring Community Forum meets at 7pm on Tuesday at the West Worthing Baptist Church Centre, 45 South Street, Tarring.

The Castle Ward Neighbourhood Panel will meet at 7pm Wednesday at St Richard’s Church, Collingwood Road, Goring.

The Offfington Neighbourhood Panel Meeting at 10am on Thursday, May 10, at the Thomas A Becket PHS in Rectory Road.


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