TIM DREW: Latest round-up of reported incidents

AT this time of writing, all Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators with internet access will have received four community bulletins from the police, of which the first was produced on July 5.

We would like to thank Inspector Allan Lowe and his team for a wide-ranging yet concise summary of the incidents that occurred over this period.

In all, 75 offences were recorded, of which 20 involved residential properties, and 30 non-residential ones.

In addition, 25 crimes involving vehicles were committed. It is worthy of note that 41 per cent of all offences were committed in the first week recorded.

Seventeen of all the offences were recorded as having been committed in Central ward, followed by Marine ward (11), Selden (eight), Goring and Salvington (six), Heene (five), Broadwater, Gaisford, Offington and Tarring (four), Durrington (three) and Castle (two). As regards crimes against residential property, eight cases involved unsuccessful or apparently abandoned attempts at burglary.

The malice of the burglars was highlighted in two cases, where taps had been turned on and left running. The offences involving non-residential property involved 16 cases involving sheds, garages and greenhouses – five thefts of cycles and three of tools were recorded, as were four thefts of cigarettes and one each of soft drinks and alcohol from shop premises.

One of these offences involved the theft of goods worth a total of £2,000.

Vehicle crime recorded included one theft of a car and 11 break-ins or associated offences concerning vehicles which, among other things, resulted in two thefts of tools and four of vehicle number plates.

On July 12, an offender who had broken into a car was found sleeping there and, five days later, two male youths, both of whom were subsequently arrested, were seen using weapons to gain access to vehicles.

The next meeting of the Tarring Community Forum is to take place on Tuesday, August 13, between 7pm and 8pm, at the West Worthing Baptist Church in South Street, Tarring.