TIM DREW: Police service levels not met

I REALISE that some of you have been disappointed with the service received when calling Sussex Police on the 101 number over the last few months, and, indeed, this was extensively discussed at the latest meeting of the Sussex Neighbourhood Watch Federation at Lewes last month.

Due to a new system that was introduced this summer, and which will ultimately enable Sussex Police to provide a better service, they have not met their planned service levels.

The summer is always a busier time for Sussex Police, with up to a third more calls than during the winter months and, with the call volume beginning to decrease and recruitment well underway (30 more staff are joining this month) they are now meeting their service levels again.

The Sussex Police contact centre aims to answer 75 per cent of 101 calls within 60 seconds and 90 per cent of 999 calls within 10 seconds.

Sussex Police use a workforce planning system to predict the volume of calls that they will receive every 15 minutes of the day. However, if there is a specific event/incident, this can impact on the volume predictions.

Sussex Police acknowledge that the intelligence provided by Neighbourhood Watch is really important, and they have apologised for the longer wait times that members have experienced this summer.

You can also email them at: contact.centre@sussex.pnn.police.uk if you need to report non-urgent intelligence or difficulties with the telephone service, in which case please quote the date, time, how long you have had to wait, and details of any other unsatisfactory service.

A meeting of the Central Ward Neighbourhood Panel will take place between 6.30pm and 7.30 pm on Wednesday, October 16, at the Ardington Hotel, Steyne Gardens,

PCSO Elaine Tullett’s surgery will take place the next day between 11am and noon at the Worthing Leisure Centre, Shaftesbury Avenue, and PCSO Ros Tite’s at the same time at the Maybridge Keystone Centre, Raleigh Way, on Friday, October 18.