Tim Drew: Preventing crime on our coastlines

Do you live on the seafront, own a boat or take part in waterborne activities – and, if so, have you heard of Project Kraken?

Project Kraken is a national police maritime crime and counter-terrorism strategy linked to other police forces, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) and the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).

It provides a reporting system which protects the UK coastline against terrorism, serious organised crime such as human and drugs trafficking and the theft of boats and equipment.

Those enrolling online on the Sussex Police website will be circulated information in connection with any theft of boats or accessories (outboard engines have been targeted in particular), and also in times of increased terrorist threat levels.

The current UK terrorist threat level is substantial, so please report anything that looks suspicious or out of place by calling your local police on 101 or confidentially on the Anti-Terrorist Hotline (0800 789321) or Crimestoppers (0800 555 111).

To report a crime in progress or an imminent threat, always call 999.

In particular, the police are seeking information on the following (a more comprehensive list is available on the Sussex Police website):

Boats with names or identification numbers painted out, altered or erased

Boats moving late at night or early in the morning in suspicious circumstances, showing little or no navigational lighting or signalling to persons or vehicles ashore

Boats which may be overloaded, appear low in the water, contain people who do not appear to be able to handle the vessel or are inadequately dressed for the prevailing weather conditions

Boats containing people who appear to be engaged in unusual boat handling techniques such as recovering swimmers or divers from the water

Rigid inflatable boats moving at unusual times or seen in unusual locations and fitted with extra fuel tanks

Please help them to keep our coastline safe, and do not forget to enrol for information.