TIM DREW: Some 70 offences recorded by police

THREE weekly community bulletins have been issued by the police for Worthing since my last round-up, the latest of these, at the time of writing, being dated August 16.

In all, 70 offences were recorded, of which 15 involved residential properties, and 34 non-residential ones. In addition, 21 crimes involving vehicles were noted. Seventeen of all offences were recorded as having been committed in Central ward, followed by Heene (11), Broadwater (nine), Gaisford (eight), Marine (seven), Goring, Northbrook and Salvington (three), Castle, Durrington,Offington annd Selden (two), with one solitary offence recorded in Tarring.

As regards crimes against residential property, six cases involved unsuccessful attempts or instances where nothing was stolen.

Only two properties had been left insecure, with force used in all other cases – windows being broken or forced six times. Offences involving non-residential property involved 13 cases involving sheds and garages, eight thefts of cycles, two of tobacco and one of alcohol were recorded, as were six burglaries involving religious establishments, five of these being during the week ended August 9 – although, in three of those cases, nothing was stolen.

Vehicle crime included seven thefts or break-ins involving cars (one bicycle also being stolen), four thefts of tools and five of exhaust pipes or systems, as well as the theft of one tax disc.

Four Neighbourhood Panel Meetings will take place this week. On Monday, September 9, Durrington and Northbrook wards will meet at the Durrington Community Centre, between 7.30pm and 9pm, as will Gaisford, at Northbrook College, in Broadwater Road, between 7pm and 8pm. The next day, the Tarring Community Forum will meet at West Worthing Baptist Church between 7pm and 8pm, followed by a meeting for Offington ward, on September 12, at the Thomas A Becket in Rectory Road, from 10am to 11am. A surgery with PCSO Catherine Dines (Gaisford) will also take place that day, at the bowling club, 78 Pavilion Road, from 11am to noon.