TIM DREW: Tarring benefits from Terry’s work

FROM having been in disarray, Neighbourhood Watch is reviving and uniting the community in Tarring – thanks largely to the efforts of Terry Rickards.

In many cases, Neighbourhood Watch has struggled to come to terms with the police cutbacks in 2008, which resulted in the demise of the newsletters on which many members depended for information.

Determined to turn things around in his ward, Terry began by re-creating a network of schemes, and has been working hard to support those which have found it difficult to adjust to change.

With the aid of a Community Funding Award from West Sussex County Council, he set up a local website – and newsletters are also produced for the benefit of those without e-mail facilities.

Tarring is now unique in combining its Neighbourhood Watch schemes with the local Neighbourhood Panel to form the Tarring Neighbourhood Watch and Community Forum, which bears the name of the website.

The forum gives the whole community a regular opportunity to discuss local issues and help prioritise the actions that need to be taken by the police and/or local and county councillors, and its aspiration is to have a representative in every street in Tarring.

On Tuesday, July 23, surgeries will be held by PCSO Ros Tite (Castle) at The Quadrant, Goring between 3 and 4pm and by

PCSO Dan Cobden at the Durrington Community Centre between 5 and 6pm, with a Neighbourhood Panel Meeting to take place between 7 and 8pm in Room 5 at the Heene Community Centre.

On Thursday, July 25, PCSO Ben Cruise’s surgery will be held at West Worthing Baptist Church between 11am and noon.

PCSO Nicola Burstow and Steve Martin of Worthing Homes will conduct an evening walk and be available for a chat in Angola Road, Warner Road and King Edward Avenue between 6 and 7.30pm, with PCSO Shauna Bowen’s surgery taking place at Findon Valley Library between 11am and noon the next day.