TIM DREW: Thorough overhaul of register of co-ordinators

THE thought of clearing up after the storms may be widely shared at the time of writing, but Worthing Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) is already well embarked on some spring cleaning of its own – namely, a thorough overhaul of its register of co-ordinators.

For this, we are deeply grateful to Terry Rickards, who has cheerfully undertaken a task which is as laborious and time-consuming as it is necessary, because we have a duty to keep a record of the number of households served by NHW in our area.

At a recent NHW Federation workshop, it was acknowledged that email addresses for co-ordinators as regards a number of NHW schemes are no longer valid, either because the email address is no longer used or has been changed, and some co-ordinators (for whatever reason) cease their Scheme without informing NHW.

It also become apparent over the last year that many co-ordinators had been left with a sense of isolation in that they were unaware of other active Schemes in their vicinity.

For this reason, it was all the more heartening to be present at last month’s well-attended meeting of the Offington Park Residents’ Association, where it was evident that some of those present were not only active in running Schemes but also looked out for vulnerable residents in their area.

Chris and Wendy Kraszewski are to be congratulated for their initiative in creating what promises to be a strong network at local level and, with Offington being Worthing’s leading stronghold in terms of Scheme numbers, Terry’s efforts should surely help.

n Broadwater Neighbourhood Panel meets on Monday, January 20, from 7pm to 8pm at the Broadwater Parish Centre, 117 Broadwater Road, and PCSO Sally Haggis will be available for a chat outside Spar in Heene Road, between 11am and 11.30am on Wednesday, January 22.

The Salvington Neighbourhood Panel meeting will be held from from 7pm to 8pm at The Coffee Shop, New Life Church, Greenland Road (off Salvington Road) the next day.