TIM DREW: With spring comes more tool thefts

SPRING has taken its time to arrive this year, but arrived it finally has, and no doubt the green-fingered among you will not have been idle.

Unfortunately, the same could be said of the light-fingered members of the community, as has been reflected in the increase in the theft of tools from sheds and allotments.

The Worthing Joint Action Group has been focusing on this, and a number of proposals have been made, including the allocation of a colour code to each allotment area and that allotment owners mark their tools accordingly.

Stolen tools are often sold at car boot sales, and colour coding might make the

tools less easy to sell


Garden tools taken from sheds are, sadly, often used by burglars to force an entry to dwellings – indeed, only last week I mentioned that a spade had been used for this purpose.

Because the shed in question was forced open despite being locked, it is worth checking as to what can be done to enhance the security of your own.

This can include the use of closed shackle padlocks; non-returnable security screws or coach bolts as regards locks and hinges; a screen or net curtain which would prevent burglars from looking in (consider also the use of perspex or laminated glass); an alarm – either on a stand-alone basis or connected to your home system; a shed bar; and security lighting.

On Tuesday, PCSO Dan Cobden (Durrington) will hold a surgery at “The Flat”, 50a Shelby Road from 5-6pm and a Neighbourhood Panel Meeting for Heene ward will be held from 7-8pm at Room 5, Heene Community Centre in Heene Road.

On the same evening, PCSO Graeme Foster (Selden) will hold a surgery from 5-6pm at East Worthing Community Centre, Pages Lane (next to The Range), followed by the Selden ward Neighbourhood Panel Meeting at the same venue from 6-7pm.