Tobacco and alcohol on the NHS could be stress reliever

From: I. Fox

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Should tobacco and alcohol be made freely available by NHS prescription?

On the face of it this may seem to be a ridiculous question but if it is examined more closely, we can see that there may be some sense in it after all. 

Smoking and drinking comforts the patient and acts as a stress reliever, helping them to cope with the demands of modern life. 

We know that many medical conditions and diseases are in fact stress related and anything which may help in reducing this burden of stress is worthy of consideration. 

The great majority of smokers and drinkers are able to enjoy their indulgence in moderation and will not go on to develop any serious disease as a result. 

Smoking and drinking is expensive and significantly depletes the income of those who can least afford it.

Prescriptions for free tobacco and alcohol on the NHS may well benefit the patient far more than any of the questionable drugs which are currently prescribed.