VET’S VIEW: Honouring animal welfare is vital...

AT 8pm today, the first-ever Animal Honours Awards will be shown on ITV1.

Already pre-recorded, yours truly was privileged to not only to have been asked to judge but also invited to the studio for the filming itself.

And I can tell you now it’s a must-see for all animal lovers. Categories range from honouring phenomenal work British charities of all shapes and sizes continue to do as well as organisations further afield; volunteers for tiny rescues, to rewarding individual animals themselves working tirelessly in the line offire.

Hosted by legendary animal lover Paul O’Grady, award winners, celebrities, and fascinating interviews are accompanied by some brilliant animal performances including dancing dogs and moving scenes from War Horse.

Honouring animal welfare is extremely important and grabbing this prime-time slot on tabloid telly will, hopefully, interest and inspire viewers to have a think about what they can do to help animals locally, nationally, or abroad.

In these tough economic times, it’s hard to look after our own human families, let alone the four-legged members, but it needn’t take much time or money to visit your local rescue centre to walk dogs, cuddle cats, or perhaps start an awareness group on Facebook about an animal cause, charity, or campaign you care about.

With so many animals needing our help these days, you may not think by just helping one you’re doing an awful lot, but for that individual animal you’ve just changed its world forever.

Personally speaking, setting up my puppy farming awareness campaign Pup Aid was the best thing I’ve ever done and all off the back of treating one sick puppy five years ago.

Anyone can help improve animal welfare, so look around you, get passionate about something, and go make a difference for animals – oh, and enjoy the show!