VET’S VIEW: Pets love us unconditionally, so why not celebrate that?

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APRIL means National Pet Month, with 2013’s theme: “Your Pets and You - Companions for Life” looking at

companionship and health benefits that accompany owning pets.

In its 24th year, National Pet Month encourages all kinds of local organisations to participate – from nurseries and schools to colleges, workplaces, clubs, community groups, pet shops, and vet practices.

With nearly half of UK households owning at least one pet, this annual celebration of responsible pet ownership honours the many ways pets make our lives happier and healthier; from toddlers to pensioners and anything in between, pets are truly wonderful companions, helping reduce anxiety and instil a sense of calm.

We’re well aware of the many ways our pets offer companionship by the bucket load; for example, when you’ve been feeling down and within a few minutes of spending time with your pet that feeling’s completely gone?

Picking us up when we’re low and providing structure to our lives, pets love us unconditionally, bringing smiles to our faces when most needed; even simple acts like walking your dog, feeding the fish, cuddling the family rabbit or entertaining your cat with a dangly toy, all greatly improve our well-being.

The magical effects of that pet-human bond and positive impact it makes on our physical and mental health cannot be underestimated.

With all the companionship, interaction, confidence, and exercise pets can give to their owners, in particular the elderly and sick, the result this has on their well-being is of equal worth to both individuals and society as a whole.

So, to promote all this fab pet companionship why not organise a fun pet event?

Grove Lodge Vets will once again be celebrating National Pet Month by continuing our weekly school visits with greater emphasis on companionship.

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