World of Words: It’s the poem of the week

YOU can send in a poem on any topic to and you could be in with the chance of winning a cheque for £10. This weeks’ winner is Caroline Hansen, with her poem, Fit for Purpose.

I once knew a fat man, outside,

a thin man who cried to get out.

He became very stressed,

and deeply depressed

because he’d become really stout.

He gave up puddings and pastries.

He gave up chocolates and wine.

He watched what he ate,

and tried to lose weight

to gain a sleek, sexy outline.

He took up running and swimming

and went every day to the gym.

He hoped to get lean

on the rowing machine,

determined that he would be slim

Changing from bread to Ryvita

he steered clear of biscuits and beer,

when hunger attacked

instead of a snack

he’d jog up and down Worthing pier.

One day he encountered his true love

and all augured well, until when

she said “I love you

but if I’m to be true,

I must tell you I hate skinny men.”

He gave up running and swimming,

took his love wining, dining instead.

No longer depressed

he’s not at all stressed

and does his gymnastics in bed.