World of Words: It’s the poem of the week

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YOU can send in a poem on any topic to and you could be in with the chance of winning a cheque for £10. This weeks’ winner is Hang Glider by Michael Faunce-Brown.

Come glide with me through opal sky,

Free as the gulls, their plaintive cry.

So far below lie war and care.

Leave them behind for fools to share.

Throw down your guns, pick up a spade.

Let thoughts of war dissolve and fade.

Above the violence, bombs and pain,

Let`s build a world of hope again.

Come glide with me among the clouds,

Free from crushing football crowds.

The swishing breeze – the only noise,

While far below explode their toys.

Come glide above the traffic jams,

The splashing boys, the babes in prams;

The courting couples haunt the lanes,

While Man imprisons Man in chains.