World of Words: Snapshot of life in this week’s poem

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THIS week’s poem of the week is by reader Katie Newland, and is entitled Life. Please send your poems, on any topic, to

Life is a roller coaster

with it’s ups and it’s downs

It can bring lots of smiles

but also bring frowns

It’s true when they say

it’s all how you act

in different circumstances

and that is a fact

You should never judge a person

for the things that they do,

because you don’t know their story

or what they’re going through

People will do what people do,

because we’ve all led a different life

some people grew up happy

whilst others went through strife

Not everyone takes notice

of what’s going on in this place,

but you only have to look at

the expressions on peoples face

Some of us have never

been shown right from wrong

so who is to blame?

the list just goes on

But we shouldn’t keep choosing

to ignore the situation

because doing this will cause

it to continue through the generation

The community needs to start

to take some responsibility

for some of the things that go on

when we all have the ability

The ability to help someone

who may of gone off track,

even just to listen to them

to help them find a way back

Everyone has a right to be

themselves and not be judged,

as long as no harm is caused

who are you to begrudge?

We all need to notice things

that are happening today

but we all have a choice

in the role that we play

We need to look out for each other

and offer a helping hand,

to those who will take it

instead of just giving them a brand

Some people have no choice

but to live the way they are

because no one seems to help

them find out who they are

The homeless aren’t just needy

and their actually very nice

if you bother to speak to them

they only want advice

We can’t continue to ignore

the problems in our town,

so if you don’t want to help

you have no right to frown

So next time you walk past them

and choose to ignore the view

just remember one thing

One day that could be you