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This week’s poem is entitled Resolutions, and was written by Jonathan Bryant.

The British people have a way

some think a little queer

they make new resolutions

at the start of every year.

They’ll swear to you with oaths and vows

I’m going o give up fags

then you see smoke arising

as their resolution sags.

I heard another fellow say

Ah, no more booze for me

the next time that I’m thirsty

I’ll just drink a cup of tea.

So no more alcohol for me

to drink it is a sin -

but you know full well he’s lying

by the empties in the bin.

Then some say no to chocolate

and cheesecake, cream and chips

but you have cause to doubt them

by thir telltale sticky lips.

New resolves are not for me

they’re just a silly game -

but I am nearly perfect

and I think I’ll stay the same.