Overgrown Worthing grass verge results in hate mail

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POLICE are investigating after an abusive letter was sent to residents in a Worthing road – because grass had become overgrown.

The letter was sent to residents of Warren Road, on the A27, swearing at them and branding them a “disgrace” after grass on the verge had grown long near their properties.

Previously, West Sussex County Council decided it would no longer cut the grass due to cost-saving, prompting a number of letters to the Herald on the subject, with mixed reaction.

Phil Lipscomb, who has children aged between two and eight, was one of around 20 people to receive the letter, abusing residents for not cutting the grass themselves in the absence of it being done by the council.

Phil, 40, said: “It was quite upsetting to receive it because you start to feel you’re being targeted by an unknown person, using not very nice language. You’ve also got no right of reply and we’ve got a house of young children here.”

Police are now investigating the anonymous letter, which said it had been sent to around 20 residents in Warren Road.

Phil said the letter could be particularly upsetting to someone elderly or vulnerable.

“If some old lady on her own received it, that could be seriously distressing for them,” Phil added.

The letter was sent at the end of last month, but last week the grass was cut by the Highways Agency as part of its maintenance of the A27.

Phil added: “I hate to think that whoever sent this letter out got their way with the grass being cut.”

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said: “The incident is being investigated by a local officer, who I believe has now collected the letter from the caller and is also aware of other residents having received a similar letter.”