Owner of dog killed by car demands speeding action

THE owner of a dog that died when it was hit by a car on the seafront has called on the authorities to take action, before a child is killed.

Bob Robery, 67, of Winchester Road, Worthing, said the taxi that hit his dog Enzo as it drove down Marine Parade was travelling at well over the speed limit of 30mph.

“I was putting the other dogs in the van when all of a sudden I heard one almighty crash and the dog yelped,” Mr Robery said.

He said the taxi must have been doing more than 50mph and knocked his dog 70ft up the road.

According to Mr Robery, the taxi driver failed to stop, despite the fact that the front of his car was ‘all smashed up’ and pieces of debris were strewn across the road.

He said the driver returned to the scene about ten minutes later to see what he had hit.

On arrival at the vet’s, Mr Robery was told the dog had suffered massive internal injuries and there was nothing that could be done to save its life.

He said the police should have taken photographs of the front of the car and breathalysed the driver, but claims they failed to do so.

Mr Robery said: “I have asked them for a camera to prove how fast people are going. Before long they will hit someone down there.”

He added that children often crossed the road near where the accidents happened.

“It’s not a one-off occurrence, it happens ever day.” he said.

Worthing Council’s Wendy Knight said: “We are very sad to hear of this incident. No one likes to hear about the loss of a pet in such tragic circumstances.

“We are aware of the case as the driver involved contacted this office. He is naturally extremely upset.

“The Police have investigated and concluded that this was an accident.

“The dog appears to have been startled whilst being put into a car and ran into the path of the oncoming taxi.”

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said there were no plans for traffic calming on Marine Parade but 20mph zones were being considered for the town.

Sergeant Jo Webb, of Sussex Police, said: “We understand the gentleman’s grief at the sad loss of his dog in this incident.

“Officers attended and found that the dog had been off its lead at the time the collision occurred.

“Section 170 of the Road Traffic Act was complied with and there was no evidence to suggest any other offences had occurred.”