Parcel plea for Worthing troops

SOLDIERS from Worthing serving in Afghanistan will be among those to benefit from parcels packed with treats and essentials.

The Worthing Lions Club has launched its parcel appeal after sending 600 out to our troops last year.

This time, the Lions hope to fill at least 200 parcels with things like biscuits and toothpaste and send them to Afghanistan in time for Christmas.

Tony Holley, from the Lions, said: “We believe there are 20 local lads with the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment who are serving in Afghanistan.

“We are asking people to donate what they can, even if it’s just a packet of biscuits or £1. For £10, we can make up a parcel.”

Among the items the troops have requested are: crisps, jelly sweets, peanuts, cakes, peanut butter and biscuits.

They would also like toothpaste, razors, shower gel and wet wipes as well as cheap Biro pens to give to the local children.

People can take donations to the Lions shop in George V Avenue or to the John Selden and Charles Dickens pubs in Salvington Road and Heene Road respectively.

There will also be collection trolleys outside local supermarkets.