Parents' Christmas wish comes true with daughter's birth

Two Worthing parents got the Christmas present of their dreams with the birth of their baby daughter.

Wednesday, 27th December 2017, 5:30 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:24 am
Kevin Flynn, 37, and Sabrina Simonini, 29, with their daughter Skyla Rae Flynn, who was born on Christmas Day.

Skyla Rae Flynn was born on Christmas Day at 1.09pm by Caesarean section at Worthing Hospital, and was one of two babies born there on December 25.

She is partly named after her grandfather Ray Flynn, who she sadly never got to meet.

Her father and Ray’s son Kevin, 37, said: “She is the best Christmas present that anyone could ever ask for.”

Sabrina Simonini, 29, second from right, and Kevin Flynn, 37, holding his daughter Skyla Rae Flynn, who was born on Christmas Day. Pictured with their family.

Conceived in March, Kevin, a builder, and his partner Sabrina Simonini, 29, were delighted when they found out they were expecting their first baby.

They chose not to find out Skyla’s gender. Sabrina, a carer, said: “We didn’t want to know – we wanted her to be our Christmas surprise.”

When Sabrina passed her due date, December 14, the couple waited patiently for Skyla to arrive. But as the days turned into a week-and-a-half and the excited calls from her parents increased, Sabrina was induced on Christmas Eve.

Her waters broke at 3am on Christmas Day, and she went into Worthing Hospital for the delivery.

Plans for a water birth were shelved as Skyla’s heart rate went down – but when she finally entered the world, she was happy and healthy.

Sabrina said: “I was very emotional and really relieved because the C-section was such a shock – it wasn’t what I planned, so when I got to see her I was so happy.”

After spending a few days on the post-natal Bramber Ward, today Sabrina and Skyla got to go home to Ann Street in Worthing, where they will spend the rest of the festive period as a family and mum will have a well-deserved rest.

Skyla has already gone down well with her grandparents and relatives, Sabrina said: “They are all in absolute awe of her; they can’t keep away from her because she is such a lovely baby – she is so content.

“I have always wanted to be a mummy, and she is literally perfect. The fact that she came on Christmas Day, Kevin’s favourite time of year, made it even more special.”