Parents delighted by New Year newborns

W01032H13 Mum, Amy Pickstock with baby, Toby Pullar
W01032H13 Mum, Amy Pickstock with baby, Toby Pullar

PROUD mums had a great start to the year when their little bundles of joy were delivered into the world at Worthing Hospital on New Year’s Day.

Little Tyler Dennis Richard Buckland was born at 7lb 7oz to the delight of mum and dad Kerry Saunders, 19, and Richard Buckland, 26, of White Rock Place in Southwick.

Despite being two days late, little Tyler arrived at just after 7am, ensuring an early start to the New Year for his proud parents.

“We both wanted him to come on New Year’s Day,” said Kerry. “And then he came so it was all good.”

“I feel tired but happy. It was a surprise, and of course we love him to bits.”

A few hours later, at just before 11am, James Alexander Sadler made his way into the world weighing 6lb 9oz.

It was some surprise for parents Katharine, 32, and Richard, 36, as baby James was two weeks before his due date.

Katharine, of Arundel Road, Angmering, said it had been an amazing start to the new year.

“I managed it all without any drugs,” she said. “But I didn’t plan it that way.

“They had a lot of people in and it just turned crazy all of a sudden. We just had to get on with it, but it was good.”

She added that she was pleased her son’s birthday would always fall on a national holiday.

Toby Eric Pullar was born at 6.22am weighing in at just over 9lb to mum Amy Pickstock, 26, and dad Chris Pullar, 28.

Toby is Amy’s third child, after big brothers Jack, six, and Max, three.

Little Toby was due on January 2 and surprised Amy by coming a day early.

Amy who almost had to give birth at home, but an ambulance rushed her to hospital and she only just made it time.

“Luckily we were all okay,” said Amy, who works part-time in Boots. “It was quite quick. I got there at 6am and he was born at 6.22am.”

Amy said fireman Chris almost missed the birth as he was on a night shift when she went into labour, but luckily was able to make it.

The last baby born at the hospital in 2013, meanwhile, had its parents astounded by some coincidental numbers.

It was a case of one, two, three for parents Victoria Underwood, 21, and Ashley Rendell, 20, who welcomed baby girl Seryn into the world at 3.21am on December 31.

Weighing just over 3kg, her head circumference measured 31.2cm – a set of numbers which amazed father, Ashley, of Greystone Avenue, Tarring.

He said: “We didn’t really think about it until we got out of hospital and realised it was all ones, twos and threes.

“Victoria was induced early for medical reasons and Seryn ended up being the last born at the hospital in the year.”

He added: “We didn’t know what to think about the numbers, we both just said ‘wow’.

“I’m not sure what she has planned for the future after this set of coincidences.”

There were a total of five babies born at Worthing hospital on New Year’s Day.