Parking chaos near academy is ‘accident waiting to happen’

Eddie Phillips and Charlie Wood
Eddie Phillips and Charlie Wood

“CHAOS” is the way a road in Lancing has been described because of the number of cars vying for parking places.

Since the new school building for Sir Robert Woodard Academy was opened in January this year, residents Eddie Phillips and Charlie Wood said Upper Boundstone Lane had become packed with cars.

Eddie, 59, said despite the school having a large number of parking spaces, staff at the school had taken to parking in the road.

This, he said, had lead to parents parking on grass verges and in front of people’s driveways when they pick up their children from school and had nowhere else to park their cars.

He said: “The staff continually park in the road.

“I’ve spoke to the school twice but they said they can’t make their staff park in the car park – they can only advise them to do so.

“In the morning and in the afternoon it’s absolute chaos.

“Parents who come to pick up their kids, because they don’t have anywhere to park, go on the grass, in front of drive ways. It’s horrendous.

“If there were too many cars to fit into the car park I’d understand it, but there are spaces not being used.”

Eddie also said the street was too narrow to cope with the number of cars passing through it daily and the traffic problems it caused.

And while there has so far been no accidents in the road, to his knowledge, he said there was a danger of it happening.

He added: “It’s essentially a lane and it isn’t big enough to cope with that many cars driving down it.

“You see people shouting and swearing down there because the only way you can get through is if someone decides to let you out.

“If something isn’t done to improve the parking there’s no doubt it’s a potential accident waiting to happen.”