Pensioner’s heating crisis resolved

Jan Wilding
Jan Wilding

A WORTHING woman who faced being left to freeze this winter had her heating fixed in time for Christmas.

Two weeks ago (Thursday, December 15), the Herald reported the story of Jan Wilding, a disabled lady who had been left without heating or hot water for two months.

The company which had installed her boiler, Warm Front, had told her she would just have to wait until an engineer could come to see her – and gave her a waiting time of up to four months.

The day after the Herald was published, Jan’s son received a call from Warm Front, telling him a Southampton-based engineer would come and fix her broken boiler the following Monday.

Jan said: “I am thrilled, I feel spoilt having both heating and hot water! I am so happy that I will not be freezing here over Christmas.”

The engineer spent the whole day “power flushing” her boiler, which allowed it to function normally again.

The 59-year-old said she was very grateful for the support she had received while she was shivering in her house in Chilgrove Close.

“A gentleman came to me last week and gave me a small portable gas fire to keep me warm,” she said. “It really helped, and thankfully I did not have to wait too long after that for my heating to be fixed.”

Jan added: “I just hope my case highlights other peoples’ problems with Warm Front. I hope others will now be helped that are still being left in the cold.”