Amy Hart and Piers Morgan 'go on a date' on Good Morning Britain: "I might be back on the market Amy"

Amy Hart and Piers Morgan went on a 'date' when the Love Island contestant from Worthing appeared on Good Morning Britain today (July 16).

Tuesday, 16th July 2019, 1:15 pm
Piers Morgan and Amy Hart go on a date on Good Morning Britain. Picture: ITV

The ITV studio was turned into an Italian restaurant for a segment in which the 26-year-old and the news anchorman discussed her appearance on the ITV2 dating reality show after she left the villa following a split from her partner Curtis Pritchard.

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Piers Morgan and Amy Hart go on a date on Good Morning Britain. Picture: ITV

When Susanna asked Amy if she really fell in love with Curtis, Amy said: "Yes, 100 per cent - and I am glad I did because it is nice to know that I can fall in love with someone."

Piers, who is a vocal critic of the show, said he gave Amy a 'pass' because she had previously said he was her favourite passenger when she was an air hostess for British Airways.

He asked Amy: "How has a beautiful woman like you never been in love before?"

She replied: "I always say I'm too much for some people and not enough for other people, so I need someone that is just going to be like: yes Ames!"

Amy Hart and Fred Sirieix on Good Morning Britain. Picture: ITV

Piers had earlier discussed a photograph of a man in Speedo swimwear hosing down her car at their home in Los Angeles.

He hinted that Amy's next romance might be sooner than she thought: "I might be back on the market Amy, because my wife posted a picture of Mr Suds washing her car in Los Angeles on Instagram so she seems fine. So you enjoy Mr Suds Celia, Amy I might be available."

Meanwhile, Amy's mother Sue was being wined and dined by the show's entertainment editor Richard Arnold, and Piers pointed out their chemistry was lacking.

"I'm still waiting for the Coq au vin," he said cheekily.

Sue Hart on Good Morning Britain. Picture: ITV

Fred, who is known for his love advice on the Channel 4 show, told Amy: "You have to remember that love is about trust and it is both a destination and a journey, so it takes time to learn to know people and to trust people, so I think you have to go step by step for the right person."

When asked what her ideal man was, Amy said her list had gotten longer since appearing on Love Island; but Piers unfortunately did not meet the criteria. She said: "I'm looking for someone kind, someone funny, someone who I can trust and someone who is not married!

"Also someone who when I say you are my absolute favourite person in the world, they don't just say thanks."

Piers also gave Sue a grilling when she said another Love Island contestant would be a good match for her daughter, labeling them all 'completely brain dead zombies'.