Brooklands Go Kart closure sparks social media debate

Brooklands Go Karts SUS-181026-171226001
Brooklands Go Karts SUS-181026-171226001

The owners of a business being replaced in the Brooklands Park masterplan have told how they ‘poured their heart and soul’ into the attraction.

Marc and Moona Flinders have worked at, and later owned, Brooklands Go Karts since 2001 but have been told the go-karts would be removed to make way for a car park.

Brooklands Go Karts SUS-181026-171215001

Brooklands Go Karts SUS-181026-171215001

A petition to save the attraction has already gained more than 2,500 signatures.

Read the couple’s reaction to the situation here: Brooklands Go Karts owners have their say on decision to close attraction

After the couple shared their disappointment and vowed to fight on, many people have taken to social media to show their support.

Commenting on the Herald’s Facebook page, Lisa Tinsley said: “Both Marc and Moona have poured their hearts out into this business. Such a great attraction which benefits all people and is always busy.

“Marc and Moona go above and beyond for the children and families. Shame on you Worthing Borough Council.”

Brooklands Go Karts SUS-181026-171236001

Brooklands Go Karts SUS-181026-171236001

Nostalgia was a theme that dominated discussions around the masterplan’s release and it was present in the Facebook comments today.

Marie Venis said: “This place has been there since I was young and I’m 50 next year. Such a shame, let’s hope the petition works.”

One commenter, James Whitlaw, was less impressed by the go-karts and said he would have preferred to see other attractions saved.

“Poured their heart and soul?” he commented.

Brooklands Go Karts SUS-181026-171247001

Brooklands Go Karts SUS-181026-171247001

“Looking at it was an eye sore, every time I went by it was empty and you have a better facility, for better prices, a few minutes away. I’m glad to see it go.

“Too bad the golf course isn’t there anymore, it would have been nice to see that extended.”

The masterplan would see the park turned into a science adventure park, including a new café and an indoor leisure facility.

Worthing Borough Council had previously said it was looking at sites to relocate the track.

Sarah Maskell commented that although it would be a pity to lose the attraction, she could see how it does not fit in with the new plans for the area.

She said she hoped the council could come through with an ‘appropriate relocation and some support for relaunching it’.

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