Calls for new toilets in Lancing centre to replace soon-to-be demolished block

Members of the Lancing and Sompting Lib Dems are calling for a new toilet in Lancing centre
Members of the Lancing and Sompting Lib Dems are calling for a new toilet in Lancing centre

Liberal Democrat campaigners in Lancing are calling for the council to fund a new public toilet in the centre of the village.

It comes as Adur District Council announced that the toilet block in Monks Recreation Ground will be demolished due to ‘repeated acts of vandalism’.

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The Lancing and Sompting Liberal Democrats have welcomed the news that these toilets, which they previously described as in ‘a deplorable condition’, are to be destroyed.

But they said the demolition was ‘only half the story’ and called for the council to provide a new Changing Places toilet in North Road.

Doris Martin, a local Lib Dem campaigner, said: “A new toilet is needed with decent, modern facilities in central Lancing.

“This is important for those local residents who need to use it while out shopping.

“And, importantly, it will help Lancing traders and businesses at what is now a very difficult time for retailers.”

The campaigners accepted that there was a public toilet in South Street – but they said it was ‘away from the commercial centre’, adding that visitors and new residents ‘would not know of its existence’.

They said Southwick and Shoreham had ‘good toilet facilities’ but said the council was ‘ignoring’ Lancing.

A spokesman for Adur District Council said they were ‘not aware’ of any plans for a replacement toilet in the village centre and pointed out that there were four other toilets available for the public to use in Lancing.

These include toilets at Beach Green, Shopsdam Road, West Beach Road in Widewater and Yew Tree Close off South Street.

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Calls for a new public toilet in Lancing