Car found floating 15ft from land in West Sussex

Picture via @_bournemouth
Picture via @_bournemouth

Visitors to a popular West Sussex destination have been encouraged to read signs after a car was found floating 15ft out at Bosham Quay, near Chichester.

Mike Hayes, is the lead technician at Chichester Harbour and also works as part of the patrol team. Originally, the team had been called out to reports of a car and people in the water off Bosham.

When they arrived they found a red car floating about 15ft from the shore.

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Mike said: "It's quite a common thing to happen in this area.

"A lady left her car and when she got back, it was up to a point where she couldn't wade out to it. Some kind people from Bosham Yacht Club attempted to retrieve it before it was too late — but it was too late.

Picture via @_bournemouth

Picture via @_bournemouth

"To stop it disappearing into the channel they tied it to a fence post and it was floating when we got there. It was interesting too see the windscreen wipers still operating.

"There are signs there that do quite clearly say that this road floods each tide and the local shops have tide tables. It's a good idea to ask."

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No one was in the car at the time and the initial reports of people in the water turned out to be the people at Bosham Yacht Club as they tied it the a post.