Circus 4 CYCALL: Success of Worthing stilt bike marathon ‘beyond wildest dreams’

The success of Worthing entertainer Nick Cook’s Circus 4 CYCALL, a marathon on a 7ft stilt bike and 36in unicycle, was beyond his wildest dreams.

Tuesday, 3rd August 2021, 2:57 pm
Updated Tuesday, 3rd August 2021, 3:38 pm

Nick was raising money for CYCALL Adapted Cycling as a thank you for all the help the charity has given his 11-year-old son Wynter, the scheme’s youngest participant at the moment.

He rode his bespoke stilt bike for the first part of the fundraising marathon around the CYCALL track at Brooklands Park in Worthing, then the unicycle, completing 105 laps, a distance of 26 miles.

He was joined by Wynter on one of CYCALL’s adapted trikes and friends Kate and Trish, who are registered disabled, on a side-by-side trike.

Circus entertainer Nick Cook and supporters at Brooklands Park in Worthing for Circus 4 CYCALL. Picture: Steve Robards SR2108011.

Martine Walters, founder and chairman of CYCALL, said: “We had an amazing day, full of fun, joy and laughter. We raised the amazing total of £3036.77.

“We will be using this money to buy another wheelchair transporter bike for adults and children with complex health needs.

“We have got lots of different bikes to suit adults and children living with different disabilities and long-term health conditions. We also play outdoor toys and games.”

Writing on his circus entertainer Facebook page, Nick said he had been moved by everyone’s generosity, kindness and love.

“We are all so blown away by the total raised. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would hit £3,000.

“We were touched deeply by everyone who came along and cycled with us and even did laps in their wheelchairs to support us. You guys are our heroes!

“We were blown away and massively overwhelmed when Durrington Community Cycle Project CIC surprised us with a massive cheque of £1,000 in support of our challenge and for CYCALL.

“Just wow, what an amazing group of big hearted community spirited people they are and we love them with all our hearts.

“There are no words that can explain how we all feel, no words do it justice, it’s a massive feeling that fills our hearts with love and pride.

“We only cycled but it is you the community, that pulled together and gave the event life and love. You gave us the spirt and encouragement to succeed.”

The marathon was also for Wynter, who has cerebral palsy, to help him to strengthen his legs for his next life-changing operation.

Nick said: “CYCALL Adapted Cycling are an integral part of his pre-op and post-op recovery and essential to the community. Without them, Wynter would struggle to gain fitness and most importantly to have tons of fun whilst doing it.”