Community come together to support Chico the chihuahua

A fundraising page has raised more than £600 to help a Worthing resident pay for treatment of her beloved pet.

Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, 3:00 pm
Chico the Chihuahua

Rescue dog Chico the chihuahua caught one of his back legs in a closing door last Sunday.

Owner Amy said: “I immediately knew it was broken. I needed an emergency vet and the PDSA kindly agreed to see him immediately.”

Chico was given strong painkillers and booked in for X-rays the next day.

They showed Chico’s ankle and foot were so badly damaged that an initial plan to fix the ankle with a mechanical joint was not possible.

Amy said it was agreed that it was in Chico’s best interests to amputate – but she soon realised she would struggle to afford Chico’s procedure.

She said: “When I rescued Chico, I was financially able to give £500. He was insured and money was not an issue.

“Unfortunately, I have since been diagnosed with complex PTSD and this has affected my income drastically.

“I either rehomed him and my other rescue or stopped their pet insurance.”

Amy set up a gofundme page last week and has exceeded her £550 target, raising more than £600.

She said: “The kind messages of love and support received has been overwhelming and beyond anything I could’ve asked for.”

Since the operation she said Chico had been doing ‘really well’ and had been up and walking on three legs.